Family Law Collaborative Divorce Lawyers in Cincinnati

The usual scenario…you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are paying two litigation attorneys to fight. A total stranger at the courthouse makes the final decisions about your property, your family, and your financial situation.

Divorce Attorneys in Cincinnati & Newport

The Collaborative Divorce scenario…both parties are sitting with their family law attorneys at a comfortable table working out a settlement together. The collaborative divorce attorneys are there for one purpose – to help you reach a settlement that meets your needs. They have signed a pledge that they will not be involved in litigation. At the end of the process, with signed agreements in hand, their final role is to walk with you through the dissolution of your marriage. The final hearing takes less than five minutes.

A growing number of people have found that collaborative divorce works. Trained family law collaborative lawyers understand that open communication, respectful discussion, and settlements based on full disclosure keep people out of the courthouse. Collaborative lawyers understand that you, the client, are in the best position to determine the outcome of your settlement – not a magistrate or judge after days of painful hearings.

The collaborative process focuses on your future. Your dissolution will end the marriage, but will not necessarily end family ties and relationships. Children will be expecting their parents to remain committed and involved. This process assists parents with the transition into their new lives, sometimes including family therapists, coaches, and financial planners to provide insight and expertise.

One of the firm’s principals, David Wade Peck, has been instrumental in establishing Collaborative Divorce in the Greater Cincinnati area as a preferred alternative to traditional divorce. A long time member of the steering committee of The Collaborative Family Lawyers of Cincinnati, as well as a frequent lecturer and trainer, a significant and growing part of Dave’s family law practice is now devoted to the collaborative method. For more in-depth information on collaborative divorce, please contact us by telephone or e-mail. We would be happy to discuss any matter of concern with you.