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Dedicated to achieving each client’s personal goals

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Experienced Ohio & Northern Kentucky Family Law Attorneys

At Barron Peck Bennie & Schlemmer, our divorce attorneys in Cincinnati and Newport guide clients through the divorce and dissolution process with a dedication to achieving each client’s personal goals in an atmosphere of dignity, fairness and compassion.

If you are contemplating dissolution of your marriage or have been served with divorce papers, our Cincinnati Family Law Attorneys can help you pursue a resolution in the manner that is appropriate for your specific situation, whether through negotiation, mediation, collaborative law or litigation.

Our Cincinnati Family Law Attorneys Protect Your Long-Term Interests While Resolving Key Issues

There are certain issues that need to be resolved before any contested divorce, uncontested dissolution or legal separation can move forward. Our Cincinnati divorce attorneys will ensure that your interests and your children’s interests are protected in decisions over issues such as the following:

  • Property division: Before your marriage can be formally dissolved, the court will need to determine how your martial assets and debts will be divided. We can help you obtain an accurate valuation and pursue a fair and appropriate distribution.
  • Custody: For many parents, the most crucial issue is what will happen to the children. Our experienced custody lawyers can help you pursue a parenting plan that protects your relationships with your children.
  • Child support & spousal support: When a marriage ends, in many cases, one party is assigned ongoing financial responsibilities in the forms of child support and/or spousal support (also known as alimony). We can help you seek fair arrangements for the appropriate financial support.

Our experienced Cincinnati Family Law Attorneys are recognized throughout the Greater Cincinnati area for our dedication to our clients’ interests. To discuss how we can help you put your divorce or dissolution on the right track, please contact us at 513-721-1350 or by e-mail.

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