Construction Accidents
Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Serving Ohio & Kentucky

Construction Accidents

Cincinnati Construction Accident Lawyers

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Serving Ohio & Kentucky

Construction work is inherently dangerous. Construction workers are often required to lift heavy objects, operate complex machinery, and work on scaffolds and ladders. That is why everyone involved in a construction project needs to make the safety of others a top priority.

When general contractors, subcontractors, property owners, manufacturers of construction equipment and other parties choose to cut corners, they are putting others in danger, and they can be held accountable for serious injuries resulting from their negligent actions.

Pursuing Both Work Injury and Workers’ Comp Claims

At the law firm of Barron Peck Bennie & Schlemmer, our Cincinnati construction accident attorneys provide a full range of legal services to injured workers in Ohio and Kentucky, assisting them with both injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Many construction workers who are injured on the job mistakenly believe that they are limited to the remedies available to them under the workers’ compensation laws.
In fact, if a person or company other than your employer is fully or partially responsible for your injuries, you may have a personal injury claim against that party. You may even be able to sue your own employer for knowingly allowing unsafe conditions to exist in the workplace.

Our firm handles both personal injury and workers’ comp claims. If you select us to represent you, our attorneys will look at the big picture, identify the best strategy for pursuing the maximum compensation you are legally entitled to, and then diligently carry out that strategy.

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