Service Mark Search Attorneys in Cincinnati

Trademark Search Lawyers Serving Ohio & Kentucky

Let Barron Peck Bennie and Schlemmer search for potential conflicts before you begin use of a Trademark or Service Mark. We are proactive in our searches and work with our clients in selecting new marks, helping to avoid potential problems. Searching also forewarns our clients of potential infringements of their marks. Our trademark search attorneys, conduct comprehensive U.S. and worldwide searches to assit our clients in selecting a new name for a business, product, or service. This process helps to avoid choosing a name that already is in use, and it reduces the chance that our clients will be the target of an trademark infringement claim.

Searching is available for:

  • U.S. Registrations of Trademarks and Service Marks
  • Pending U.S. Applications for Trademarks and Service Marks
  • Registrations of Trademarks and Service Marks in 50 U.S. States and Territories
  • Unregistered Trademarks and Service Marks in Use and searchable in electronic databases
  • Business Names in use in 50 U.S. States and Territories
  • Internet Domain Names

In addition to reducing the potential for future conflict with a name or mark that already is in use, or the possibility of an infringement claim, this process also avoids losing the investment in the marketing of a new name, mark, or logo that has to be changed because of a potential infringement discovered only after introduction of the new marketing.

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