Mediation Arbitration
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Mediation Arbitration

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Arbitration Lawyers Serving Ohio & Northern Kentucky

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured, informal settlement process that takes place in a comfortable setting away from the glare of the courthouse.

What Does a Mediator Do?

A mediator is a specially trained facilitator who is skilled at helping the participants determine their best settlement outcome. His or her role is to identify the specific goals and needs of each party and then assist with an out-of-court settlement that reasonably meets those goals and needs.

What is the Advantage of Mediation vs Litigation?

Litigation takes many months, and even years. It costs a lot of money for lawyers, experts, & depositions. Judges and juries who are complete strangers to you make decisions about your life. You have no control over the litigation process.

Mediation takes a short period of time. It is confidential, and a safe place to discuss all issues. Compared to the cost of litigation, it is not expensive. The parties themselves, with the assistance of the mediator, set the agenda and retain control over the process. The risk of a bad decision from a judge or jury is eliminated.

Is Mediation Right for You?

Yes…if you are seeking to avoid a long, acrimonious, expensive court battle. By agreeing to mediate you will not give up any legal rights should you find the process unproductive. The mediator will create a level playing field for settlement discussions so that no party feels overwhelmed or disadvantaged. In summary…mediation works! The firm’s trained mediators include David Wade Peck and Michael Barron, any of whom would be pleased to discuss your situation.

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